SAP Customer Data Cloud

Accelerating product integration to maximize revenue.
Branding | Marketing
About This Project

Client: SAP Customer Data Cloud

Role: Creative Director

Background: Gigya, acquired by SAP, is now called Customer Data Cloud and is part of the SAP Customer Experience line of business.

Providing customer identity and access management (CIAM), and consent data management solutions, SAP Cutomer Data Cloud is one of the cornerstones of the SAP Customer Experience group of product. Customer data solutions from SAP help power trusted, personalized experiences that drive loyalty and revenue. Such outcomes make marketing campaigns more effective, improve the sales experience, and drive more personalized commerce and customer service interactions – all while building customer trust.

Strategy and Impact: Fast and flawless transitioning of the Gigya brand to SAP Customer Data Cloud effectively reduced the product and sales integration time resulting in increased revenue. Marketing material rebranded: brand identity, web, collateral, infographics, customer and partner emails, trade show booth graphics and more.