Inclusive Tomorrow

CASE STUDY | Creating multi-channel marketing campaign strategy and analyzing results for optimization.

Digital Marketing
About This Project

Overview: Inclusive Tomorrow is a charitable organization financing itself through raffle tickets.

  • With every ticket bought, the customer finances charitable projects supporting people with disabilities.
  • They also get the chance to win a lottery prize of up to 1,500,000 euros.

Context: This Inclusive Tomorrow multi-channel marketing campaign is part of my digital marketing course at Career Foundry to demonstrate skills analyzing campaign results and develop a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Role: Marketing Analyst as part of the marketing team

Campaign objective: For the Holiday Campaign: Analyzed the performance of various channels and recommend optimization. For the Spring Campaign: Plan a data-driven multi-channel marketing strategy.


  • Define North Star Metric for Inclusive Tomorrow to track and measure progress.
  • Evaluate multi-channel performance and analyzed individual channels in comparison to each other. Analyzed the performance of the Holiday Campaign.
  • Outline learnings and improvements for the upcoming Spring Campaign.
  • Present the results to management and the team.
  • Set up project management timeline and tasks in Asana and write creative briefs for team members.

Case Study Documentation: PDF